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As soon as you arrive at la Cité du Cinéma, paparazzi surround you. During the event, your guests become heroes and have the unique chance to embody one of their favorite characters: make up, dubbing, shooting of a movie trailer… Take one, action! 


Let yourself be carried into an indian palace in the heart of Bombay, where more than 250 movies a year are shot ! Fakir, snake charmers, spice market, discover a new Taj Mahal wholly decorated for you


During the course of an evening, la Cité du Cinéma becomes a huge space station ? Come immerse yourself into a futuristic set at the heart of one of the most beautiful places of the cinematographic world.


La Cité du Cinéma becomes Italian !
Rediscover the Arlequin of Comedia dell’Arte and listen to a baroque opera. Dancers wearing Venitian masks will animate your events and invite you to dance a giant farandole!

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